About Procend

PROCEND develops smart interfaces for the global esports community. We aim to create efficient training grounds, connect players and teams and grow together!

Who we are

PROCEND team comprises of people who are highly involved in esports scene for a long time that had worked as team managers, coaches and players. Having been a part of the scene and the community, we understand what YOU need to improve.

What do we do

We are aware of what this scene and it’s community needs, so we founded PROCEND in pursuit of creating a better environment for everyone who is sharing the same passion of esports in their hearts, to help reach their potential and achieve their goals.

Why should you join us

With PROCEND, you will be one step closer to BECOME A PRO.

Discipline yourself
Organize your schedule
Practice efficiently
Improve your game
Obtain visibility
Prove yourself in
Scouting Grounds™


Procend Smatch™

Efficient Practice Area

With Smatch, we aim to provide an efficient practice area for teams and also make them save the time they spend over a manually operated system. Smatch is designed for getting all the amateur and semi-pro teams up to the professional standards and quality by allowing them to acquire training discipline over scheduling their scrims conveniently.

Automated Scrim Booking

Smatch reshapes the procedure of booking scrims into an automated one, thus saving 3 hours daily for the teams. Team Calendar serves as an all-in-one feature that will allow coaches to organize their scrim schedule and can also be used to organize team events privately.

Live Chat & Tournament Code

Scrims can be tracked on Match Calendar and users can send requests to whichever ones they deem suitable. With the Ready-check system, users will be warned thirty minutes prior to scrim start to prevent any inconvenience or latency. Teams will be automatically directed to a private Discord channel for voice-chat and jump into game lobbies with the generated tournament code.